Special Needs

What are special needs compounded medications?

These are compounded medications that are custom made with special fillers, vehicles or bases. These are made mostly for patients with allergies. Even though MayaScript Pharmacy routinely does not use common allergens like gluten, lactose, dyes, preservatives and/or parabens/propylene glycol for most of their compounds, they can still create special blends for our most allergic patients. One infant was so allergic that we had to put the active ingredient by itself in a capsule and have the mother open it and sprinkle the contents on his special food.
Pharmacy Compounding may be the only option:

  • When the patient is allergic to certain preservative, dye or binder in the available off-the-shelf medication
  • When treatment requires a different dosage form not available commercially.
  • When the medication needs to be flavored to make them more palatable.
  • When swallowing a tablet or capsule is not possible (small child, behavioral or psychological barriers, mouth ulcers, etc), the medication can be put in a cream, liquid, suppository or any other form.
  • When the finished product is required to be vegan-friendly, we offer options such as veggie capsule and veggie-derived fillers.

We specialize in making handmade alternatives for each patient. After all that is the definition of compounding.