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You have to know the past to understand the present – Carl Sagan

MayaScript literally refers to the hieroglyphics the ancient Mayan culture used to communicate. The Mayans had a very complex and effective health care system. They described over 1500 herbs and treated a variety of ailments. The Mayan people believed in proper nutrition, exercise and used many supplements to promote a balance of mind and body.

Ricardo’s grandmother, born in Guatemala and a descendant of this culture, lived a long happy life. She was very active and healthy well into her 90’s. She is the inspiration to combine modern science and ancient healing to create a “Wellness Pharmacy” and not just another “Illness Pharmacy”.

In 2015, we opened our boutique pharmacy in Winter Park, FL. With over 50 years of combined traditional pharmacy experience, we added extensive training in complimentary alternative medicine and imagined a different type of pharmacy concept. This new concept of treating the whole patient is called integrative medicine. We are proud to be cutting-edge integrative pharmacists.

In order to accomplish our new concept, we set up a state of the art, modern compounding clean room that meets or exceeds all current standards. Then, we went old school to create handmade compounds using formulas that are free of harmful ingredients and a multitude of options individualized for each patient. We believe compounding is combination of art and science.

MayaSCRIPT Pharmacy provides conventional and specialty compounded medications along with pharmaceutical grade supplements, nutrition and natural wellness products to promote healthy living.

We also believe the number one goal and primary focus should be you-the patient. From 5-star customer service to creating unique solutions to the most challenging custom compounds, everything we do in this pharmacy is about you.

This caring starts by asking , “How are you feeling?”

That is why our motto is: Feel Better. Naturally.™

We invite you to come and talk to us.


Aileen and Ricardo

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We are an Authorized Distributor for MD Prescriptives, Metagenics®, Ortho Molecular® and Xymogen®.